…you’re a busy working mom giving 100% at work, 100% to your family, and 100% to your household, which leaves 0% for you. So, you’re running on empty. All. The. Time.


Even though you’re holding down a full-time job, the family and household responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Am I right?

You feel like a Superwoman because every morning you pick out your cape that matches your shoes for the day and off you go to save the day, every damn day.

You work all day, then run out the office to pick up the kids from school, only to rush to after school activities, then home to feed them dinner, and help with homework. Depending on the age of your kids, there’s bath time and homework, then bed time. Then you need to spend time with your partner if you have one. If you brought work home, then you need to do that. All that’s left is to fall into bed exhausted only to get up the next day to do it all over again even on the weekends with grocery shopping and never-ending errands. There’s never any time for your wants or needs, is any of this sounding familiar?



I’ve been married with a child, after divorce I was a single mom for quite a few years. I am now remarried and co-parenting in my blended family. Through every transition the family and household responsibilities have always been on my shoulders even though I work a full-time demanding job.

I decided to create the Superwoman Formula to help women like you navigate the daily challenge of finding a satisfying sweet spot of a work and family balance. In order to do that it first comes with a mindset shift of what the work and family balance means in the first place. Long ago you were told that you could “have it all” but first you need to redefine what having it all means to you.

  • Trying to balance work and family is physically and emotionally draining and you need help

  • You wish your partner would offer to help more because they know you are working full time, and they know all the responsibilities you are carrying

  • You desperately need me time, and time for self-care which are two different things

  • You wish you didn’t feel guilt for wanting all of the above things


Some days it’s just so bad you want to go home, go straight into your bedroom, shut the door, drink wine and eat chips for dinner and not talk to your family for the rest of the night. Or on really frustrating days you want to scream at the top of your lungs, you want a freaking break cuz’ you can’t handle one more thing on your “to do list.”


All you want is to be the best mother to your kids, do your best at work, be the best partner to your mate if you have one, or possibly find a mate if that’s your desire. Because dammit – this shit is hard sometimes!


I know your daily struggle because I’ve lived it, and yes I’m still living it. It is because I’m living it myself is how I know that you will get through it. You are already an amazing mom which is why you’re looking to do it even better for yourself, which will make you even more phenomenal and stronger for your family.


Even if you already know that you can find a satisfying work and family balance- you’re probably thinking it’s going to be delayed. “I’ll get time for myself when the kids are older, or when they go off to college.” But that can be years from now. You can’t wait that long, the time for taking care of yourself is NOW.


I created the Superwoman Formula specifically to help you find the sweet spot of a work and family balance now.

  • You will find your personal sweet spot for balancing work and family

  • If you are married you will have negotiated help from your partner, if you are a single mom you will find your village where you will get help and support

  • You will have a plan to honor yourself daily, you will have me time and time for self-care

  • You will learn to set boundaries and will have no guilt in setting those boundaries both for work and home


The beauty of the Superwoman Formula is a mindset shift that allows you to redefine how you balance work and family which then sets the scene how everything else will manifest in your new normal.





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