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I work with all the Superwomen out there – the professional women who face the daily challenge of achieving the perfect work and family balance. The family dynamic these days vary widely from married and no children, married with children, single parent, co-parenting your partner’s children, and married and parenting in a blended family. I know from experience because I have existed at each of these dynamics at different points in my life.

welcome to a better you

No matter what the family dynamic is, balancing work and family can often be hectic and as a woman, no matter how supportive, helpful and amazing your partner is, somehow most of the family and household responsibility still seems to fall on your shoulders. So how do you manage to keep up with the demands of work and family and still keep your sanity?


You pick out the cape that matches your shoes for the day and you keep going right? Well sometimes you could use a little support and that’s where I come in. I can help you navigate your way through the issues and challenges that arise by helping you focus your energy and close the gap from where you are and get you to where you want to be. I can help you maintain your peace of mind, and find your balance. My job is to show you exactly how to use your own Focused Energy to work myself out of a job! I teach you how to use my simple and practical system so you can live the rest of your life with more focus, balance, and fulfillment.


Additionally if your family includes teens and young adults, I can help them on their journey through their teen years. The teen years can be a very vulnerable time full of influences that can sometimes negatively alter their future. I believe if we give our teens the right decision making skills they will enter the young adult years with higher level of emotional intelligence, confidence, and better judgment that will have them on target to be the best version of themselves as they become adults.


Are you a Superwoman? Do you find yourself running from one thing on your “To Do List” to the next only to fall into bed at night drained then get up the next day to do it all over again even on the weekends? Do you even remember the things you like that bring you joy? Are you ready to get on the path to more balance, happiness and fulfillment?

Contact me for a free 45 minute session to explore your current challenges, what you would like to work on, how I can help you, and determine if we would work well together.


See FAQ to learn more about coaching.

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