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Complimentary 30-45 Minute Session

We will discuss any issue or challenge you are having, how I can help you, and determine if we would work well together.

When I first met Tanya, I told her what I wanted, she listened intently and after I finished, she said “but what’s going on with you?” and with that she had truly cut to the core of my issues. Then I told her what was really going on in my life. By the time we finished talking, she got me on the path to where I needed to be and thanks to her, I accomplished everything I set out to do. But what I will always remember is her loving kindness.

 - Vickie C


$400 | 6-Sessions

This a 6-week mindset coaching program that will help you replace your long-held beliefs of “having it all” and help you redefine your work and family balance. We will also work on time management and the importance of honoring yourself daily. The Superwoman Formula package is all about shifting your mindset and finding the sweet spot of “your” work and family balance.


Package customized per your needs, pricing varies

An investment in life coaching is an investment in yourself. This is a private coaching program from a highly qualified, caring and certified coach who invested in 320 hours of professional coach training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).
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