Self-Care and Your Soul

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook on my phone the other day, I came across a post from one of my friends, “Is Your Soul Tired?” Intrigued I clicked to read it. Your soul is said to be the part of you that makes you who you are, and you gotta take care of you, right? It was one of those articles with 10,000 ads in between every section. There were also pop ups, sidebars, mobile ads, and video ads. It was next to impossible to read the damn article. I found myself becoming increasingly irritated, but I still wanted the information, so I exercised a moment of self-care. I left Facebook to cease my frustration and went to Google to satisfy my curiosity.

I thought the reason I was always tired recently was because I wasn’t sleeping, and I wasn’t sleeping because I had insomnia. I had insomnia because I was a little stressed. Sleep is a complicated process involving the brain and the body. When this process remains incomplete, the brain and the body are not able to function in the proper manner. Insomnia can lead to other issues like heart problems, diabetes, and even depression. But who wasn’t dealing with stress, and maybe even a little depression? We are living through a global pandemic, there is racial and social unrest. The presidential election is less than 30 days away, and tensions have been running high for months across the country.

But my soul, tired? Huh? I needed to check that out and here’s what I found. In this article from Power of Positivity titled 10 Signs You Suffer From Soul Exhaustion it states “Going to sleep at night might help your brain and body recover from a long day, but how exactly does a person rest their soul? Sure, meditation and exercise can take you away from stress for a short time, but you always have to face it afterwards. This can take quite a toll on a person’s soul after a while.”

A lot of the articles I found gave ways to recognize the signs, but not many had ways to fix the soul exhaustion. This one offered both. Fair warning, it does discuss energy levels and the use of crystals.. I know not everyone is into that. However this article has some great information. It’s from The Minds Journal, and it states “Having a tired soul leads to a life that is not aligned with your personal goals and the orientation you wanted to follow. Not only are you caught by fatigue. You also have the feeling that your way of life is pointless, your efforts in vain and you are moving in the wrong direction.

In addition to my day job, I launched my business and started this blog in April. I am hard on myself for not posting weekly which was my original plan. I also have several writing projects I'm working on. I have a lot on my plate and I am the one who piled it all on. But it's okay, all of it is a labor of love for me. Here I was thinking I was just getting old and tired. Hmm, maybe there is something to be said of this soul exhaustion. I also found that most of the articles were written prior to the pandemic, they went back several years so this philosophy isn't new. Therefore, if you’re wondering what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get motivated? Maybe your soul is tired, and you need to give it a little TLC in the form of self-care and self-love.