The Trifecta – Mind, Body and Soul

The Trifecta comes from horse racing. A type of bet where the better forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order. I’m talking about it here because you often hear the terms mind, body and soul together. Today’s post is my last installment of the self-care dimensions: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Mind, body and soul. Get it? Okay, okay, I guess I tried too hard for that one.

Emotional – this dimension relates to your emotional state. The goal is to build satisfying relationships with others, control your emotions, and manage your triggers. Working through life’s challenges in the best way possible might include setting boundaries on your time and energy. In the following post Abigal Brenner, M.D. states, “Mastering your emotions is not only your personal responsibility but also is a positive strategy for getting through life in the best possible way you can.

Ways to gain emotional wellness include practicing gratitude, forgiveness, and positive self-talk. Additional methods include recreational activities that involve each of your senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. Try aromatherapy, eat favorite or indulgent foods, snuggle under your favorite blanket or play with your pet, watch sunrise/sunset or water views, listen to music or nature sounds.

Physical – this dimension is all about exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, and getting proper health care. If you get sick, then you are not able to participate in the other self-care dimensions.

I am the first to admit I am not good with this dimension. However, since the Stay Home Order was issued in late March, I have taken at least a 30-minute walk just about every day so I’m proud of myself for that. Haven’t quite mastered the actual working out regularly though in additional to the walks. But…the sweets, “they be calling me!” Yeah, I know I’m the one who does the grocery shopping so if I don’t buy them, I wouldn’t be tempted. But they call me from the shelves in the grocery store. Dammit a woman got wants and needs - and chocolate, sweets, they understand.

Spiritual – is about being connected to something bigger than yourself, having a purpose. The spiritual dimension is about your values and beliefs, connecting with the deepest level of your soul and your inner wisdom. You don’t have to start going to church, mass, or synagogue services every week. It could be volunteering by helping those in need.

There is a difference between spirituality and religion. Religion generally refers to an institution which has a structured belief system shared by the members. Their beliefs are based on either a formally documented creed or established cultural practices.

Spirituality is about one's soul and inner self. Being spiritual involves one's personal beliefs and search for the purpose of life. Each person’s definition of spirituality can vary throughout their lifetime, based on their individual experience and self-reflection. The goal of spirituality is to realize one's inherent power and connection with something greater than themselves.

Dr. Wayne Jonas says, “Healing and a feeling of personal wholeness only occur when the mind, body, and spirit are in balance. Balancing them all is necessary for a happy and fulfilled life. And in moments of crisis—especially in moments of crisis—it is vital for you to be vigilant in protecting that balance.

See this post from Activated Living “Spiritual wellness involves seeking and having a meaning and purpose in life, as well as participating in activities that are consistent with one’s beliefs and values. It is more than prayer and believing in a higher being. A spiritually well person seeks harmony with the universe, expresses compassion towards others, and practices gratitude and self-reflection. When we integrate practices of spiritual wellness, we can connect mind, body, and soul. Here are some suggestions how to practice spiritual wellness: self-reflection, prayer, meditation, or worship.”

Last July I learned how to practice Transcendental Meditation and it has been transforming for me. I tried different kinds of meditation over the past couple of years, mindfulness, guided meditation, and focused meditation but none of them worked for me. Since there are so many types, I’m sure you can discover one which works best for you, so give it a try. Recently I’ve bee